At our core and in our daily practice, we are here to serve our clients and community.

We do this through design.

Our list of capabilities within the design realm is long which allows us a wide variety of client and project types. We are able to do all types of projects including residential, commercial, and industrial architectural design. This includes small renovations, large custom projects, consulting, specification writing, and interior design. We believe strongly that our task is to design the best value solution for our clients. This results in beautiful, healthy, energy-efficient, and durable design strategies on every budget for every project type.

Want to know more, just give us a call we are happy to talk about our services, fees, and most important, your design project.


This is the core of who we are and what we provide to our clients. Our comprehensive architectural services include schematic design, design development, construction documentation, bidding and negotiation consulting, and construction contract administration. We walk with you hand in hand through the entire process to reduce stress and to make the project an enjoyable experience.


Our interior design department knows best how to first listen and understand your goals and budgets, then how to maximize your investment. We work hard to find the right solutions to achieve your aesthetic desires while balancing form and function. We understand what products are available, where to find them, and how to implement them into your design. Our job is to hear your vision and to design a solution that balances all your goals. We want your design project to speak to all that experience it.


We can provide site analysis, access, circulation, parking layouts for your projects. This is often the first step in any project, but could be the first step in deciding a direction of a project. We work hard to build strong relationships with local building officials, to understand local development guidelines, and of course, placemaking is a primary goal. Looking at projects holistically to provide our clients with the best solutions is critical.


This is the first step to assess how much energy your home consumes and helps to evaluate what measures you can implement to reduce this consumption. In other words, an energy-audit will provide a list of things that can be fixed in your home to reduce energy bills and increase comfort.


Each project we work on is a relationship. We work hard to understand you and your priorities – this is the first step in programming a project. Listening is our most valuable tool in creating a design that is just right for you. Using your objectives and goals for function, space, and budget we develop designs that align all these requirements in innovative, highly functional, and buildable as possible. Our goal is to understand your unique needs and to apply our years of experience and expertise to create a vision that is just right for you.


Our goal with every project is to make it as low stress for our clients as possible. We are able to walk through the process, tell you what to expect, plan for the surprises, and help you through the unexpected. Our firm has over 100 years of combined experience, we have not seen it all, but we are getting close. This helps us to know what is coming on the horizon and to provide you with the best experience possible.


We strive to be your one point of contact for all things design. This includes structural design services in house and through our many talented consultant. We know how to plan for practical building solutions to achieve your innovative design solutions. We work as a team, each bringing out expertise to the same goals for your project.This close cooperation provides for designs that are the best value for our clients, in other words, we design buildings that simply work.


A well prepared and coordinated specification communicates what the project client is buying from the contractor. It deals with scope, quality, activity, and responsibility, and as such complements the contract documents. During construction the specification is used to check the conformance of the contractors work to the goals set in the design stage.


Many of our clients need graphic design packages to market their commercial projects or speculative residential designs. There is no need to outsource this to another firm. We are able to develop innovative solutions to graphically show off the design we have developed for you.